While the original rumored release date for cross-platform BBM has come and gone, we still don't know just when it will finally be available to the masses. Things have been pretty hush hush at BlackBerry HQ so it's been hard to decipher just when the BBM goodness will be available on other devices.

Good news that things are moving along however in that BBM has finally hit the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a select number of users. 

Invitations have gone out for BBM for Android but we're not sure what the status is with iOS. There were no real details provided with the invites aside from needed at least ICS to run the app. We've yet to get a good look at the app itself, but BGR did get a photo of the splash screen so that's a start. We'll most likely see more on the actual app very soon now that it's out in the open so don't worry too much.

If things stay on track we can hope to see a BBM release for both Android an iOS in the coming weeks. At the original announcement we were told "late summer" so hopefully BlackBerry will stay true to that one. 

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