Yet another awesome tennis game has graced us with its presence on BlackBerry 10 - this time with Cross Court Tennis. The good news here is that the game is free to download which will give you access to the 'Quick Match' and if you like what you see you can then purchase the full version to unlock the 'Career' Mode for £2.00/$2.99. Nothing beats trying before you buy!

Cross Court Tennis is very different control wise to the other tennis games we've already looked at. Over on the left of the screen you have a virtual joy pad for direction and over on the right is a 'T' tab and a 'S' one. The way it works is that you use the T tab to serve the ball and then when your opponent hits the ball back you press the T again which will automatically make your player run to the ball and hit it. However, this is where the joy pad comes into play as you can direct the ball in any direction. If you were wondering what the 'S' tab was for it's just a slice shot - which gives you a bit of variation. 

Although I've only played the free edition I'm pretty sure that the full version will have an array of different style courts plus more. The graphics and sound effects are superb with Cross Court Tennis and I will more than likely purchase the full version myself. 

At the time of writing the game is only available for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 - which I presume is down to screen real estate. Lets hope the developer gets things up and running for the hardware keyboard devices too. 

More information/Download Cross Court Tennis 2 for BlackBerry 10