Dang. This is kinda cool. HipVoice is bringing their unlimited cross carrier Push to Talk service to BlackBerry smartphones in the near future for $10/month. HipVoice doesn't communicate with other carriers' Push to Talk systems, rather is a whole new client - so anybody you want to talk to will also have to use the HipVoice service (could be a great solution for companies where all employees could use it... maybe not so practical for consumers unless your peeps all sign up). The service will allow:

  • UNICAST: Push-To-Talk one to one
  • MULTICAST: Push-To-Talk one to many (Also to Walkie Talkies)
  • CHANNEL: Push-To-Talk to anyone subscribed to the channel
  • RICH MESSAGING: Text message users that are on or off-line

Be sure to watch the video above and visit HipVoice.com for more information.

[ BerryReview via BBCool ]