Creepy... Sleeping at lunch? Or Time Shifted-to be sleeping? ;)

The Mobile Nations team always works hard, but leading up to the CrackBerry site relaunch we've all been working extra hard and around the clock. Sometimes you need to take a break though, so on Friday I forced our developer Tom and community manager James to go for lunch.

In playing with the BlackBerry Z10 while waiting for our post-meal espresso to arrive, I opened up the Time Shift camera to do a demo for another friend (Remik) who was eating with us. I snapped a photo of James and Tom. Both of them posed well for the photo - their eyes were both wide open in the initial shot and I really didn't have to do any adjusting to the photo at all. 

That's not really a fun Time Shift demo though, so instead I did the opposite - I found the exact moment where each of them blinked, just for a split second, set both of their faces to the position where their eyes were closed, and saved the photo. You can see the result above. Can you say creepy?