Our final little tidbit from GDC 2013 last week was another session with BlackBerry's Sean Paul Taylor on developing games on BlackBerry 10. After walking us through how Unity works for BB10, Taylor showed us the Visual Studio plug-in that recently saw its gold 1.0 release. The BlackBerry 10 NDK ties in tightly enough with Visual Studio that developers don't need to worry about booting up another development environment, and instead feeding their BB10 work in with their standard workflow with Visual Studio. 

I've generally been impressed with BlackBerry's approach to developer tools, and even though many game designers will opt instead to make their titles in Unity or some other similar engine, it's always good to have options. Devs can become very attached to their IDEs, and Visual Studio is a really important one to support.

BlackBerry developers, where do you do most of your work? Is Visual Studio a popular option for building games? If you're interested in getting started, you can check out some of the documentation here.