Create Your Own Web Launcher

*UPDATE* The good folks at have decided that $7 is too much for individual users to be paying for the service and have reduced the price to just $3, any users that have purchased a launcher under the $7 price point will be issued partial refunds for their purchases as per their 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy. Awesome and now more affordable, Bonus! *

Granted this *should* be something you can do within the native BlackBerry operating system and at $7 $3 a pop (unlimited usage/distribution rights once you create one) the service isn't is now super cheap for individual use, but I know there's going to be a lot of BlackBerry users and abusers and businesses out there who are all over this...

A new website recently launched,, which allows you to create your own custom web browser shortcuts for your BlackBerry homescreen. The process only takes a few minutes, is pretty straight forward (just read/follow the instructions on the site and on the readme file once you receive your .zip) and it works. After first visiting I went through their process - in the screenshot above you're looking at the custom launcher I created for my BlackBerry Storm (more images after the jump). For lack of creative skills, I used pictures of myself for the two icon states, which when clicked opens the Today's BlackBerry Posts for our mobile-optimized CrackBerry forums.

Key features include:

  • Support for localized titles and descriptions in all major languages supported on BlackBerry devices.
  • Users can upload custom icon images (PNG or GIF) and even specify different icons for different target devices since not all devices use the same icon size.
  • Support for defining custom rollover/focus icons as well.
  • Support for all version 4.0 and up devices.
  • Unlimited and unrestricted redistribution rights.

The custom continuous build engine developed by allows the creation and delivery of the final JAD/COD/ALX files within minutes of the user completing their payment via PayPal. When I went through the process I had my .zip in my inbox in four minutes. They include both the .alx file for Desktop Manager installation and .cod/.jad file if you want to upload it to a web server for wireless install (I show the OTA install in the screen caps).

Definitely a cool service. I couldn't help but chuckle after I installed my custom launcher. Not so long ago RIM went through a phase of 'partnerships' and press announcements where the 'apps' being launched were nothing more than these browser shortcuts. Gotta love that a little entrepreneurial drive and ingenuity can now get that done automatically in 4 minutes for $7 $3.

  • Visit for More Information & To Create Your Own Launcher >>

My Custom Website Launcher

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
Dictate all of the details: Name, Vendor, Description

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
Install via Desktop Manager or OTA (shown) if you upload to a server

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
Seems to work fine! Be sure to pay attention to OS versions, icon sizes, etc.

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
Upload two images - not rolled over shown

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
When selected a second image loads (I blued myself out)

My Custom Web Browser Launcher
Launch whatever URL you want in the native web browser