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Growing up on comic strips I always had the urge to start one. Back in college my friends and I did just that. As a birthday present we sat down for hours and created a complex superhero story starring our closest friend as the main character. Needless to say we weren't masters of artistry, but it was fun. Searching through BlackBerry App World the other day I stumbled upon Comics Creator by Nextwave Multimedia Pvt Ltd and couldn't help but reminisce. If you're looking to pass the time or become the star of your own comic strip click on the break for more details.

Comics Creator allows you to design your own comics from their own stock images, your own personal sketches, or even by taking a snapshot from your PlayBook to create a photo journal. It comes with a library of backgrounds, characters, speech bubbles, and more for your to choose from to contruct your own personal cartoons. Your finished product, once saved, can be shared on Facebook for all to see as its own album. It's a great way to create some hilarious panels for friends and family. Who knows maybe its time to publish the long awaited sequel to my friend's story. 

While Comic Creator provides hours of fun that's not to say there aren't a couple of bugs. When uploading to Facebook it seems only the background gets posted. Although if you create an image without a background its fine. Also, I would like to see more illustrations and characters in the library and for them to expand the database. For now, there's still plenty of combinations to explore and adventures to imagine. 

Comics Creator is available for free from BlackBerry App World and I think it's a pretty good version of their online comics creator for the PlayBook. So why not test drive this application and see what stories you come up with? 

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