Yes, you did read the post title correctly. RIM will be giving away the super prize of $10k to three lucky BlackBerry 10 Jammers in the Middle East. All developers need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to come up with the best and original app in their country.

To participate in the competition, developers simply need to submit their native BlackBerry 10 apps online on the BlackBerry 10 Mini-Jam website. The winning app must be relevant and interesting to the local market, and developed using either NDK (C/C++), NDK Cascade, Webworks/HTML5, or Adobe Air.

Through this competition, BlackBerry developers will be given an exclusive chance to submit one of the first BlackBerry 10 apps for the Middle East region in either Arabic or English. Developers will be encouraged to leverage APIs that can integrate with core BlackBerry apps such as contacts, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Hub and more. The submitted applications will be judged following the BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam on a number of parameters including the concept, design, look & feel, market relevancy, and enhancement features. The winners will be announced in the run up to the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the region early next year. 

More details on the contest will be revealed at BlackBerry 10 Mini-Jam events in Qatar on December 11, 2012 and in Kuwait on December 13, 2012.