Create animated GIFs on the fly with VideoGIFer

Animated are all the rage nowadays. I love a good GIF and I follow a couple of great BBM Channels dedicated to animated GIFs. But what if you want to create your own? Or turn a short video clip into a GIF to share with the world? There are websites which allow you to do this but if you want to do it on the fly from your BlackBerry 10 device one popped up in BlackBerry World not too long ago - VideoGIFer.

VideoGIFer let's you create GIFs. Just open up the app and start creating your GIFs. You can choose the aspect ratio for your GIF - 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9. You can switch between the front and back camera, too. Once you're ready to create your GIF, tap and hold the green fingerprint icon on the screen to start recording. Keep holding down for the duration of your recording.

VideoGIFer GIF Options  VideoGIFer Create GIF

There's a red vertical on the left hand side of the screen to show the length of your recording. When you're done recording, your GIF will be processed and you are presented with some details of the GIF like files size, resolution and what you can do with the GIF. Tap OK (tick icon) and you can preview your GIF. From there you you can add text to make an animated GIF meme, edit the frame size and frame rate, save and share as a GIF or save and share as an MP4. You could also just reset and start over.

VideoGIFer Edit GIF  VideoGIFer Text Edit

There are file size limitations for certain social media sites and these are noted in the app description in BlackBerry World. As I mentioned earlier, after you create your GIF you are shown which media sites you can share it to and whether or not it can be used as your BBM avatar. When you're in preview mode you can check back in the GIF properties by tapping the overflow menu (three dots on the bottom right) and then Animated GIF infos.

VideoGIFer GIF Properties  VideoGIFer Overflow Menu

If you have existing animated GIFs, you can load them within the app and add text to them. This feature is only useful with the full version where the VideoGIFer overlay/watermark doesn't get in the way.

Definitely worth a download if you want to create animated GIFs on the fly. What I would like to see is the ability to use existing videos or a clip from a video and turn it into a GIF. Can someone make that happen, please? VideoGIFer is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download. The full version costs $1.99.

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