Crazy Maths

Puzzle time once again in the BlackBerry 10 gaming department. This one is a true test of your brain power and quick reflexes and goes by the name of Crazy Maths.

There are two versions of the app - a free one and a paid pro edition for $0.99. I love it when developers give us the option to try before we buy and it's a shame we don't see more of it. At the time of release it is only all touch BlackBerry 10 devices that are supported, but I have spoken to the developer who says 'Q' series support is coming.

Crazy Maths has a real simple concept. You'll be shown a sum onscreen and you have to choose whether the answer is correct or not by hitting either the tick or cross tabs under the numbers. That sounds easy enough doesn't it? Where the game gets interesting is that you only have a second to make your decision - that'll be why I'm so bad at it!

If your buddies also download Crazy Maths you'll be able to share your high score via any account you have integrated into your BlackBerry Hub - nice.

If you're into this style of mind challenging game then download Crazy Maths (free) and give it a try. The free edition has a popup which makes you wait 5 seconds between games which is slightly annoying, but better than paying the full price to discover you don't like the game. Let us know what you think?

More information/Download Crazy Maths (free) for BlackBerry 10