The BlackBerry PlayBook has been missing out on some action lately as all eyes have been on the BlackBerry 10 devices. However, I discovered a new brilliant game called Crazy Kangaroo and it's a real beauty.

Quite simply, you control a Kangaroo (Barney) who is being chased by a bad guy. The aim of the game is to collect as many stars along the way as you jump over lilly pads and other objects in your bid to outrun the enemy who will try to shoot you.

It's all about using the tilt controls with this one. Not only to move left and right, but tilting the tablet forward will speed up Barney and tilting back will slow him down. As you progress through the levels you will become more reliant on the back and forth tilt to ensure you don't land in the water. You do get a a few lives in each game but the more stars you collect the more you will have to spend in the shop where you can buy bonus items to assist you on your quest.

The game runs perfectly on the PlayBook. It's fast paced, colorful and has some great sound effects too - Just what I want from a quality game on my tablet

Full highlights include:

  • 4 fantastic worlds
  • Eye-candy graphics
  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Hilarious power-ups including Sugar Rush and Multi-Score
  • Over 50 missions

More information/Download Crazy Kangaroo for the BlackBerry PlayBook