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Screenshot apps for BlackBerry are nothing less than abundant. There are various ones, both free and paid, and all get the job done. Where we're partial however is one that is "Crack" branded and sports a badass CB logo. CrackShot does just that -- it's the CrackBerry of screenshot apps -- and we love it. CrackShot has a few different options for grabbing the screen on your BlackBerry. There is a single CrackShot mode that can be accessed from your device menu or via the App Switcher after "arming" the app. Fire off your shot and the CB logo pops onto the device, cracks your screen and grabs your capture -- awesome.

Need to take more than one shot? Use the Multi CrackShot and go on a snapping spree, then disable it again when you're done. CrackShot also puts a sweet CrackBerry watermark on your image so you can show your love of this sweet application. It may sound a bit confusing, but it's all super simple when you get going. There are a few options to change the image format, vibration and help popups as well. Check out the video above for a look at CrackShot in action, then hit the link below to download and for more discussion. If you're looking for simple, no watermark screenshot app, be sure to check out QuickShot (it's the bones of CrackShot) as well. 

Note: CrackShot is currently avaialbe for OS 5 and higher.  It's also still in beta, so should you find any bugs be sure to swing by the forums and let us know.

Many thanks to LSphone for the hard work on this one!!

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