I know this is going to generate a load of 'we want Netflix' posts in the comments, however, while we are all being patient for that one (fingers crossed) you can at least watch movies and TV shows using Crackle on your BlackBerry Z10. The big difference here is that it's totally free.

The movie and show selection may not be on par with the likes of Netflix but at least Crackle have been good enough to give us a native BB10 application and it seems to work just fine. The home page of Crackle is full of featured films/shows but at the base of the screen there are tabs for both if you know what you are looking for. If you find something you want to save for later you can instantly add it to your watchlist which a great feature to have. To get this up and running you will need to register with Cackle but it only takes a minute and you can opt out of update emails if you so desire.

Sharing is built into the app so if you stumble across a show you think a buddy may like you can use any of the accounts within your BlackBerry Hub. Another bonus is that if you have to close the app and go back to watching the show/movie the app will ask you if you want to resume from where you left off - a nice touch.

Full features include:

  • Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV series
  • FREE to download app, FREE to watch
  • Unlimited, on demand viewing
  • 20 new movies and TV episodes added monthly
  • Genres including: action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, and sci-fi
  • Build and manage your Watchlist for viewing on your phone, online, smart TV or gaming console.

It may not be what us BlackBerry 10 users have been dying to get our hands on but for now it will have to do and it does a decent job. And remember - if you don't have an unlimited data plan you may want to stick to WiFi when streaming for long periods.

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