CrackBerry Idol - Round 1 Winners


Aloha Joe








Dave P.

Here it is folks... the big moment our contestants and sooo many of you have been waiting for in our CrackBerry Idol 2010 competition. Big congrats go (in random order) to the ten contestants who were voted by the CrackBerry community to move on to Round 2: Kerri, Aloha Joe, Brittany, Shankeith, Tim, Joseph, Alicia, Dan, Josh and Dave P!

To the winners: We'll follow up shortly via email with instructions pertaining to your Round 2 reviews. Look for it soon.

To those not moving on: A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you for participating in the CrackBerry Idol competition. It's a big time commitment and you all did a great job. We'll be following up with an email soon with some 'parting gifts' so stay tuned for that. 

What's to come in Round 2: Next up is the featured accessory review. The ten contestants will have the next couple of days to decide what they're going to do for their review, we'll get them the accessories from (with next day shipping of course!) and from there they'll have to the end of next week to crank out their masterpieces. The reviews will start hitting the blogs on August 2nd. So while you won't see any CrackBerry Idol posts between now and then on the blogs, don't worry, it just means the contestants are hard at work. Stay tuned for Round 2!

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