In a blog post on the official Inside BlackBerry blog yesterday, CEO John Chen relayed word that the company will be cracking down on leaks. In addition to the company putting in place more measures to prevent leaks from happening in the first place, BlackBerry will also show no mercy in legally going after those who choose to leak (and get caught doing it of course). You can view my thoughts on leaking here

All of this talk about leaking has a thinking about, well.... leaks, so we wasted no time yesterday in pulling together our list of our Top 5 Favorite BlackBerry Device Leaks from years gone by. In this case, we focused on some of our favorite exclusives too - like a bunch of the times where we were the first in the world to get our hands on a new BlackBerry and post a review. It was a fun trip down memory lane, and a bunch of you let us know in the comments and on twitter just how much you loved the slideshow (for example, Will Conners from WSJ gave it a share). 

Heck, even the venerable @boygenius gave it a share on twitter, but added in to his tweet...  

"Most if not all I actually leaked first but let's not split hairs :)"

Over the years when big BlackBerry leaks have been posted by the media (especially the first big one pointing at new devices), BGR has had a great track record of being early to get up that very first device render or photo of a rumored upcoming BlackBerry. That first leak from BGR has often turned into rain with more sites following up with leaks in the weeks and months following, and as a new device nears launch we begin to see that downpour happen everywhere. 

So as a salute of thanks to BGR for giving us many BlackBerry leaks to talk about around CrackBerry over the years, I had Bla1ze stay up all night to pull together a slideshow of our Top 10 Favorite BlackBerry Leaks via the Boy Genius (w/ captions by Bla1ze).

If we missed in any, be sure to point them out in the comments. And hey, be nice in the comments CrackBerry... BG just got engaged, so throw him a congrats while you're in there!!