As some of you have started to notice and as I mentioned on my From the Editor's desk, we've now pushed out a new release for the CB10 app and this time around, it's loaded up with bug fixes, enhancements and improvements across the board. Seriously! The change log for this one is quite long but the good news is, we have it laid out for you. Here's what you can expect from this release.


  • Added Video tab: Shows youtube videos in CrackBerry channel
  • Reorganized and tidied up Settings. Now separated into different tabs.
  • Improved cache clearing by running asynchronously (in separate thread)
  • Ability to clear the data cache and image data
  • Performance: tweaks with color object creation
  • Performance: optimize all png files
  • Performance: Replaced png splash images with .jpgs. Smaller file sizes.
  • Added Developer tab that list "Weekend Coder" and developer related articles
  • Added setting to move tabs from action bar to tab overflow
  • Added about and credits to settings
  • Added ability to send feedback direct from the app
  • Updated how the version number is displayed
  • Added youtube play button over youtube thumbnail images
  • Improve page navigation in forum thread view
  • Added ability to view youtube videos directly from the app.
  • Forums: Added post numbers. Added post per thread configurable setting
  • Forward and back buttons for in-app browser
  • Added preliminary Passport support

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed featured forums links opening in browser bug
  • Added fix for Rotating view in article
  • Disable application action menu in settings
  • Disable hamburger menu in settings
  • Fix "pull to refresh" and "pull up to show more". Works more consistently now.
  • Fix links with attributes. Works around NDK bug
  • Updated article style for better image scaling
  • Strip out imgs from comments section of blogs, which caused app to crash
  • Fixed article clipping for Z30 in dark theme

The update isn't going to cover every single issue folks were having with the app but we already have a list of other things we're working on to correct for the next release as well. Everything listed here was either impacting the performance of the app, stopping us from improving the app further or otherwise absolutely had to be fixed before anything else, so it was taken care of first. There's more updates coming.

And with that all covered, I'd like to take to thank our very own Tom Kaminski for taking over as maintainer of the CB10 app and working with developers to get the app updated and as it stands, he's still looking for others to help out as well. Last but not least, I'd like to thank members who contributed to the 1.6.x release.

  • Sam Verschueren (Curahee)
  • Nikolajs Leonovs (ksantor)
  • Toby Clench (Tobster619)

The v1.6.2 update is live in BlackBerry World right now, so be sure to get it downloaded and give it a go, go through the settings and look at the options available as some of the stuff we see asked about often is actually there and of course, let us know how it's working out for you in the comments or in our CrackBerry Apps forum.

Download CB10 now from BlackBerry World!