WooHoo!! CrackBerry's CB10 app is now Built for BlackBerry approved! 

Built for BlackBerry is the designation given to quality BlackBerry 10 apps in BlackBerry World that pass a range of tests and evaluations. In receiving the Built for BlackBerry stamp of approval, the testing team looks at user benefits, user experience, performance, security, and service integration.

The CB10 app has been doing awesome in BlackBerry World since we released it - it has more 5 star reviews than any other BB10 app and it's often at or near the top of the free apps list. It's definitely a must-have app for all BlackBerry 10 phone owners - if you ever run into a Z10 owner who doesn't have it installed, be sure they load it up!

The success so far has been great, and being Built for BlackBerry approved makes it even better! You can spot Built for BlackBerry apps in BB World by their unique icon treatment. The bottom right corner of the icon curls up to reveal one of the flying B's in the BB logo. And the CB10 app is just going to keep on getting better - we have more updates coming on the roadmap and the Q10 version is almost ready to rock.

Now that we're Built for BlackBerry approved, now we just need to figure out how to convince carriers to ship the Z10 pre-loaded with CB10 installed. If anybody is reading who can help make that happen... wink wink, nudge nudge. Let's make it happen! :)

Don't have CB10 on your Z10 yet? Download it here!