It's our 7th birthday and we're celebrating in grand fashion. In years past we've gone pretty crazy giving away the goods in birthday contests, and this year is no exception. This time though, we're changing things up a bit. Instead of offering up cool BlackBerry prizes (since you're all rocking new BlackBerry 10 phones already), we're giving away some awesome stuff you can use with your BlackBerry. 

When thinking on prizes, I wanted to have some really cool stuff to give away that people would love. We give away loads of devices and other BlackBerry related stuff all the time, so I thought what are some other awesome things that I love? And thus we came up with a great list of seven AWESOME prizes — aka cool stuff that I own and use daily. 

So here you go — this year you have a chance to win:

Sonos Play:1 and Bridge

Definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech ever. I'm a HUGE fan of Sonos and I'm on a mission to spread the Sonos love, one house at a time. Check out Rene's review over at iMore.


Phillips Hue Starter Set

I recently picked up a Hue set and I totally love it. I can change my lights when I want to all kinds of funky colors. Mood lighting at its finest. 


Withings Smart Body Analyzer

I've been tracking my weight on the Withings scale since 2010 and it's helped me to keep from tipping too far in the wrong direction (you can literally see my weight at 2014 I'm on a mission to drop back down to my early 20's weight of 176lbs and my Withings is helping me track my progress. I'm off to a good start too - down 10lbs since January 13th when I kicked things into high gear. Withings latest version is smarter than ever. A WiFi-connected scale is a must!


Fitbit Flex

I tend to sit still a lot during the day, though recently I've got back into a better routine. Using the Flex I've been able to keep an eye on what I'm doing and know if I'm being active enough. 


Pebble Smartwatch

I love my Pebble because it actually works really well with my BlackBerry. I got mine in white, so I really only bust it out in the summer months, but I still love it. I also have a blacked-out Pebble Steel on order now. If you win this prize, you can take your pick!


Jaybirds Bluebuds X

Dan Rubino told me about these, and he loves them so much that I did a post about his love for them. They are pretty sweet.


​Nest Learning Thermostat

I've only had my Nest for a few weeks, but it's doing awesome so far. I love that it knows what I'm doing and takes care of the heating for me when. Home automation is amazing. Phil even review the Nest here.


Leave a comment for your chance to win!

So we'll pick seven lucky winners, each of which will receive one of the great prizes above. In addition, they'll each get a CB "schwag bag" of goodies (stickers, pins, shirts etc.)

Sound good? All you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post. TELL US IN THE COMMENT WHICH OF THE SEVEN PRIZE PACKS YOU'D LOVE TO WIN THE MOST. This one will stay open until Sunday night at midnight PT. Good luck!

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