It's time to sit down for a drink with Kevin, the two Chrises and I to figure out what happened last quarter with BlackBerry and how we can kick ass next quarter. After taking some time to soak it all in, our financial expert Chris Umiastowski runs through how he saw the rough quarterly results.

There were a lot of issues to chew through, such as one more BlackBerry 7 device to hit the market, and axing BlackBerry 10 development for the PlayBook. We also touch on BBM going cross-platform, but beyond that we look at the international Q5 launch, especially in light of the quarterly results, BlackBerry's marketing, and how carriers deal with OS updates

For such a dramatic day, we keep it surprisingly loose and easy. We're cool cats like that. Listen in, download, and let us know your thoughts about this hectic day in CrackBerry Nation. 

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