Oh boy. We're back. It's a CrackBerry Podcast like we haven't recorded in years. It's informative. It's entertaining. It's highly dysfunctional. I talk too much. Adam tries to keep it together. Simon sounds smart. Bla1ze sounds like Seth Rogen. We sing. We dance. We cry. We swear a little (hide your kids!). 

I questioned our Executive Podcast Producer Rene Ritchie about whether what we recorded was even fit to be published, to which he responded we were amazing and it's a "party in a podcast." In other words, it's a CrackBerry podcast you won't want to miss.

On this show Adam, Bla1ze, Simon and myself discuss the last few weeks of BlackBerry 10 madness we have been living through. Things have been crazy at CrackBerry's BB10 Launch Campaign Headquarters as we've been playing around with our BlackBerry Z10's. Tomorrow we shut it down and head back to our normal locations. That said, we won't be slowing down at all... there's just so much happening in the world of BlackBerry! The good 'ole days are back, better than ever!

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