CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client

About the CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client

Powered by Mobihand for, the CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client is a valuable extension to our ever-popular Software Store and Mobile-Optimized portal. Our full web store already delivers hundreds of thousands of software downloads to tens of thousands of BlackBerry Users each month, and our new BlackBerry On-Device App Store client now makes it even easier to browse, search, purchase and download your BlackBerry applications. The App Store client can be downloaded by visiting from your BlackBerry's web browser.

All of the applications featured within the on-device App Store can be downloaded easily over the air (OTA). The CrackBerry App Store features some 2,000+ titles, over 700 BlackBerry applications and 1250 themes from over 130 different developers, and will be growing daily as we add more applications (both FREE and paid). 

CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client Features: 

The On-Device App Store has been optimized for the BlackBerry and an easy purchase and download/installation experience. Features to the On-Device App Store client include:

  • Deal of the Day - Check back daily for a new deep discounted application every 24 hours!
  • Within Category Browsing -You can also view Top Sellers, What's New and What's Hot!
  • Thousands of Applications - with automatic device detection to ensure compatibility
  • Easy download and installation - OTA delivery right to your BlackBerry
  • Account History - Access to your CrackBerry software account with complete purchase history. Makes it easy to re-download previously purchased applications
  • Optimized checkout - just login then checkout with one-click (once you are registered)
  • Detailed Application Descriptions - Product detail includes star ratings and user reviews
  • Polished new design - the App Store is designed to work with the BlackBerry. Right now the app is one size fits all, but we'll soon be featuring device model optimized versions that maximize the experience for your particular model
  • Coming Soon: Integrated downloads and Paypal support (USA, Canada and UK). If you have feedback on this beta, please send it to crackberrysupport @

CrackBerry On-Device App Store Benefits:

There are some big benefits to shopping at the CrackBerry App Store over other on-device BlackBerry App Stores. Some of these reasons include:

  • Themes, Themes, Themes! - The CrackBerry On-Device App Store offers themes!
  • Free Trials - The CrackBerry On-Device App Store offers free trials for many applications
  • Deals and Sales - Deal of the Day, Featured Items.... browsing the CrackBerry On-Device App Store on a regular basis will provide plenty of opportunities for you to save on the apps you want!
  • 99 cent App Pricing - In addition to free apps, you can find paid apps for as low as 99 cents!
  • Credit Card Support - Pay with your credit your card. Paypal support is on its way too, so you'll have multiple options to purchase.
    • Please Note - You can already pay via paypal when shopping at our PC-optimized software store at
    • Available around the world.
  • Refunds Available - Refunds are available. 
  • Available in Countries Around the World: Credit card checkout currently supports many, many countries worldwide.
  • Dedicated customer service: to ensure complete customer satisfaction (email crackberrysupport @
  • Automatic version-tracking: instant update for every app on the user phone
  • Support Your Favorite Website - Shopping at via any of our App Stores helps pay the server bills and keep the #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!) 

Download the On-Device CrackBerry App Store Client:

Simply visit on your BlackBerry's browser one time to install our App Store client. This will place a shortcut on your BlackBerry's homescreen. When clicked, it will launch the App Store!


We Hope You Enjoy The CrackBerry App Store!!!

More Information

CALL FOR DEVELOPERS: Interested in having your FREE or FOR SALE BlackBerry Application(s) listed in's software store and mobile app store? Simple becoming a Developer Partner with Mobihand. CLICK HERE to get started. 

SUPPORT: For order support, visit the Software Support homepage ( or email crackberrysupport @ For technical support on purchased applications, please contact the developer. Their support contact info will be listed on your software order/purchase confirmation email.