* Update: Youtube rendered the CB logo a little more red than orange in the video above, so we've uploaded it again below in the proper CrackBerry color. Check it out! * 

If you thought it was all fun and games at CrackBerry HQ, you'd be dead wrong... we're getting work done!

With BlackBerry 10 just days away and our CrackBerry redesign rolling out soon, I'm happy to kick off some new-ness around here a little early with the unveiling of our new CrackBerry video bumper! The bumper is of course the little intro that precedes all of the original videos we publish here on CrackBerry. 

Interally we dubbed the new bumper CrackBerry Flow, as it takes inspiration from the flow experience of BlackBerry 10. It's a glorious thing. Hit play on the video above to get a first look at it. We hope you like it!