Long-time readers of CrackBerry.com will remember that SimulScribe, now known as PhoneTag, was one of my BEST of WES winners at last year's show. I'd feel bad to name them BEST of WES again this year, but the application is still one of my BlackBerry favorites (today is in fact my one year anniversary of being a PhoneTag user) and as Ari Katz will show you in the video above, is now even better.

And incase you haven't heard already, I should point out that PhoneTag will now work for all you Grand Central users out there. The so-called "hack" came out earlier this week, creating a ton of new PhoneTag subscribers overnight as Grand Central junkies flocked to it.

Last but not least, you gotta LOVE PhoneTag's marketing. They have the best t-shirts at WES this year (check out a GREAT photo after the jump) and YES... I snagged a few to give away to the CB audience and have a pile more promised for CrackBerrys back at PhoneTag headquarters in NYC. In fact, when it comes to WES 2008 goodies I'm snagging everything I can. Once I'm back home next week I'll sort it all out and we'll have a WES 2008 Schwag CrackBerry.com Giveaway.

PhoneTag with Mr. BlackBerry himself!