CrackBerry Kevin @ WES 2008WES 2008 Here I Come! We're only a day away from the start of RIM's annual show and I am pumped! WES 2007 was a blast and I can only imagine this year is going to be BIGGER & BOLDER than ever and we have some Great Coverage Planned!

I have an early Monday morning flight booked out to Orlando, and as I type this on Sunday night I am EXTREMELY relieved to say I will actually be allowed to board the plane in a few hours. Here's a story for all of our Canadian readers to learn from: so my Passport (good for 5 years) had an expiry date between CTIA and WES of April 18th, 2008. Being SMART, as soon as I got home from CTIA at the beginning of April I went to the Passport Office and renewed it, just to be sure I'd have my new Passport back in time for WES (it can take a few weeks to have it issued).

STUPID me, at 4pm this afternoon I remembered I NEVER picked up my new passport. No Passport = No Flight. Apparently, with all the of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 fun and lack of sleep last week I TOTALLY forgot to make the trip to pick it up. Being Sunday afternoon and my flight leaving before the Passport Office even opens tomorrow I figured I was S.O.L.

LUCKILY, in the ensuing two hours of panic and contingency planning (I was pretty much getting ready to jump in my car and drive non-stop to Florida... only need the Passport to fly, not to drive across) I discovered Canada has an Emergency Consulate hotline. I called the line, got an operator, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, after that I had my new Passport in-hand within the hour! A super nice Passport Office Lady went into work just for me, and I was able to meet her and take delivery of the goods on a Sunday afternoon. I was amazed.

Hopefully the REST of WES will go smoother than my slightly shaky almost no-start. As for WES, just like last year, in addition to covering the news I am looking forward to meeting and hanging with as many of the attendees as possible. So if you're reading this, are at WES and you see a person match'n the face pictured, be sure to come on up and say HI. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!