Read this one hot off the newswire from WES this morning.

Unify4Life has unveiled a new box that will allow you to control your home theatre and media right from your BlackBerry. It basically turns your Berry into a universal remote control. Unify4Life claims that the system will fully manage your home entertainment environment including theatres, radio receivers and TV's...and it can even stream audio from your Berry to amplifiers connected to your system. How cool is that!?

If you want it right now, turns out you'll have to wait a bit. Unify4Life won't be available in stores until October (according to the press release!).

For more information and specs you can always check out the unify4life.com website.

Read the full press release after the jump!

Unify4Life Introduces a Groundbreaking Evolution in “Mobile Universal Control”

Orlando, FL – Wireless Enterprise Symposium – Today, at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, Unify4LifeTM revealed a groundbreaking lifestyle application that empowers mobile users to fully manage and control their home entertainment environment using  BlackBerry® smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM).  Unify4Life has created a lifestyle application that transforms the BlackBerry® smartphone into the ultimate remote control, advancing current technologies and encompassing an intuitive user interface.

The Unify4Life solution enables BlackBerry smartphone users to fully manage their home entertainment environment, including home theatres, radio receivers, stereo gateways and televisions. Access to TV listings are available to users via a searchable program guide that they can seamlessly navigate to find their favorite shows and program their evening’s entertainment.

The Unify4Life communications server simply plugs into a central location in the home and is easily programmed to communicate with various selected devices. Once users download the application to their BlackBerry smartphone, they can immediately begin to send commands wirelessly to their programmed home devices.

According to Paul Tennyson, President of Unify4Life, “We’re creating ways to expand the world for BlackBerry users.  Unify4Life’s application gives users ultimate control over a wide range of devices in their home and creates a user experience that will change the way BlackBerry fits into people’s everyday lives.”

Control Lights, Thermostats and More
Unify4Life stands at the forefront of the “universal remote” market as they plan for their software to ultimately provide users with control of their entire home environment. Additions will include remote activation of lighting, thermostats, intercoms and other home electronics.

“Our goal is to provide solutions for consumers who embrace technology for convenience, efficiency and entertainment. As people seek to use BlackBerry smartphones more prominently in their lives, Unify4Life will become an essential component for the key systems in their homes,” added Tennyson.

Unify4Life is previewing their lifestyle mobile solution at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando, FL from May 13 to 15, 2008 at booth # 643. The company’s communications server and application is slated for consumer release on October 1, 2008.

Unify4Life Corporation is a rapidly growing innovative company, whose primary focus is the development of lifestyle solutions for BlackBerry® Smartphone users and devices.

For more information on Unify4Life, visit www.unify4life.com