November 4th is here and that means TWO things... the BlackBerry Bold is now available from AT&T and it's Election Day in the USA!

So here's a CrackBerry tip for all of you doing both today... VOTE FIRST... and then and only then should you buy your BlackBerry Bold! Seriously, if you buy the Bold before you vote there's no way you'll hold out long enough to mark your X on a ballot.

And while all of you are voting, buying your new Bold, playing with your new Bold and watching the election results unfold on tv, you know what I'm going to be doing? Working with our judging panel to pick out the TEN WINNERS in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest! From over 3,000 entries we have now whittled things down to a still-pretty-long short list... there's a lot of debating left to be done yet to arrive at the final ten. I thought I was a CrackBerry Addict, but some of you are just CrackBerry CRAZY (I LOVE IT!). I'll be contacting our finalists late Tuesday/Wednesday, so if you think your entry had legs, keep your eyes on your inbox and ears listening for a call.