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BlackBerry PlayBook Travel Charger on Phones...

One of the great things Research In Motion doesn't get enough credit for is their adherance to standards, and specifically as it relates to this post, I'm talking their sticking to MicroUSB for syncing and charging of both BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablets. Companies like Apple use their own proprietary connector, which screws you for anything beyond Apple products, and in Android land while most phones use MicroUSB, when it comes to tablets from the same company you're most likely to see proprietary connectors for charging. In other words, in the Android universe you can't use your tablet's charger on your phone.

One of the things I've mentioned in passing in a few previous posts but never dedicated a full post to it, is the fact your can use the BlackBerry PlayBook Travel Charger (the one that comes with the PlayBook) to charge not only your PlayBook, but also your BlackBerry Smartphone (assuming it's a MicroUSB era device). And not only does the PlayBook's travel charger charge your BlackBerry Smartphone, it charges it pretty much TWICE as fast thanks to the higher amperage. Around home I have plenty of chargers kick around so sometimes forget about this awesomeness, but last week when I was out on the road I was reminded once again. During the night I'd leave my PlayBook plugged in to let it charge up, and then in the morning while I would shower, shave and the other S, I'd plug in my phone which in just a short time was recharged with enough juice to power through the day. Beyond BlackBerry phones, I've found the PlayBook's travel charger to work awesome on other non-BB microUSB devices I have kicking around too.

I have yet to see any sort of issue ever arise from using the PlayBook's travel charger on non-PlayBook MicroUSB devices, so until I'm told or hear otherwise, my CrackBerry Tip of the Day is that if you're looking for a rapid charger for your BlackBerry Smartphone, don't just think regular BlackBerry phone charger... think BlackBerry PlayBook Travel charger. 

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