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With the majority of BlackBerry brand accessories, like cases and batteries, being specifically built for BlackBerry phones and tablets, it's easy to overlook the fact that some BlackBerry accessories work great with Apple, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile devices, too. For example, we've said before that the rapid-charging BlackBerry Premium Charger is a must-have for any phone that has a microUSB charging port (Android folks loved that tip).

The newest BlackBerry accessory to hit the market that works well cross-platform is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Since the BlackBerry Music Gateway pairs via bluetooth, it'll connect to pretty much any newer smartphone or tablet. Once connected, you can stream audio from your mobile device back to the music system that the Music Gateway is plugged into, such as your home's audio system. For $49.95, it's an affordable way to greatly extend the functionality of your non-bluetooth enabled audio equipment. And if you live in a multi-platform home where there's BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, you can all take advantage of it.  

We've already reviewed the Music Gateway on CrackBerry, but now our other Mobile Nations sites are giving it a good look from the perspective of their platform. First up is iMore, where Rene Ritchie put the BlackBerry Music Gateway to the test with Apple iPhone and iPad. I think he was suprised at how small it was and just how well it worked. You can watch the video above to see Rene put the BlackBerry Music Gateway to use and hit the links below for the full review and to learn more. 

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