Ouch, my thumb hurts!If you are like me and most crackberry addicts, you probably suffer from the physical condition known as "Crackberry Thumb" or "Crackberryitus".

We crackberry addicts have had to silence our cries, swallow our pride and suck up the agonizing pain we feel in our thumbs.

Until now...

Graceful Services, a premier day spa located in New York City, is now offering relief for us poor crackberry users. Along with a wonderful massage of the body, mind and soul, they offer an exclusive "Blackberry Finger Massage" for only $60 per hour. As a complement to this they also offer "Cell Phone Face" head rub for an additional $80 per hour.

CBS NY has a nice little video documenting the new services.

Thank you Graceful Services for your gift of hope for the millions of crackberry thumb sufferers in the world!

I wonder how many more day spas that offer treatment for "Crackberry Thumb" will begin to spring up all over the globe?