BBM Voice Survey 

Hey CrackBerry Nation, time for quick a survey! If you're a regular BlackBerry Messenger user, and especially if you have been putting BBM Voice to use on BBM 7, this is a survey you definitely have to take. The BBM Team at BlackBerry reached out to us with the questions in the survey. They're looking for feedback from CrackBerry readers and members, so this is your chance to help them out directly. If you're a BBM user and not using BBM voice, you can still take the survey. It's for all BBM users.

In addition to the survey, we've set up a thread in the CrackBerry forums where you can provide further feedback on BBM Voice. A member of the BBM team will be participating on thread, answering questions. Be sure to hit up the links below. Thanks for participating! 

Take the BBM Voice Survey
Give your BBM Voice feedback to the BBM Team in the forums