CrackBerry Superstore

Just two weeks ago we unveiled the shiny new CrackBerry Superstore and threw in a huge contest to kick things off. We had an amazing response and loads of entries, and are happy to announce the winners. In case you missed it, there was some great stuff to be won, including a 32GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad, 5 Blueant V1 Bluetooth Headsets, and one of 25 copies each of BerryBuzz, Druglord Wars, and iBerry. Big thanks to everyone that entered - all winners will be notified directly via email. Hit the jump for the winners list.

iPad winner:

DaveChalmers1 (twitter submission)

Headset winners:

dizzylady1012 (twitter submission)
lloydwybrow (twitter submission)
parkxx@*******.*** (email submission)
mwdavis131@*******.*** (email submission)
itstrip@*******.*** (email submission)

Berry Buzz:

dgbrock@******.*** (email submission)
sherwinrichardson@******.*** (email submission)
hondaboi2000@******.*** (email submission)
maurizio.reggiani@******.*** (email submission)
smeekens@******.*** (email submission)
maurizio@******.*** (email submission)******.*** (email submission)
ydcampbe@******.*** (email submission)
michal-cyrzan@******.*** (email submission)
pinguwin@******.*** (email submission)
mirika@******.*** (email submission)
tjeekietjop@******.*** (email submission)
marco.made@******.*** (email submission)
MCJunkie (twitter submission)******.*** (email submission)
nancy.smithgreer@******.*** (email submission)
f.cattanei@******.*** (email submission)
genin.rosalie@******.*** (email submission)
creep4ward (twitter submission)
tomdoughman@******.*** (email submission)
andy957@******.*** (email submission)
bergstedt@******.*** (email submission)
Chocov (twitter submission)
iBlizz (twitter submission)
barrylaud@******.*** (email submission)

Druglord Wars:

blepmef@******.*** (email submission)
mluihn@******.*** (email submission)
chris-shaw@******.*** (email submission)
alejandrotorre@******.*** (email submission)
tankiangiap@******.*** (email submission)
justin.barbour@******.*** (email submission)
hjpcx007@******.*** (email submission)
malicki.krzysiek@******.*** (email submission)
vieux-clou@******.*** (email submission)
krzychupp@******.*** (email submission)
Technicalstress (twitter submission)
justjoejohnson (twitter submission)
randyshivprasad@******.*** (email submission)
black.dragon.slayer17@******.*** (email submission)
melenglish@******.*** (email submission)
sfound@******.*** (email submission)
tim@******.*** (email submission)
phillip.mueller@******.*** (email submission)
Stkxppro (twitter submission)
psijps3@******.*** (email submission)
josepierrot@******.*** (email submission)
YuyisYoville (twitter submission)
kirchain@******.*** (email submission)
batboy200@******.*** (email submission)
appleman@******.*** (email submission)

iBerry - theme:

kimberly961@******.*** (email submission)
fetch1202@******.*** (email submission)
Snobbygyrl (twitter submission)
elise.hines@******.*** (email submission)
karim.sahraoui@******.*** (email submission)
dexter@******.*** (email submission)
ollie_woods@******.*** (email submission)
ronerazo@******.*** (email submission)
lkbarto@******.*** (email submission)
baileycauthen@******.*** (email submission)
kimyoon@******.*** (email submission)
davidesandri@******.*** (email submission)
praful@******.*** (email submission)
patoune0907@******.*** (email submission)
TryRick (twitter submission)
kmsmith@******.*** (email submission)
AWiggins1@******.*** (email submission)
stephane.menard@******.*** (email submission)
EnLightninged (twitter submission)
tamale1@******.*** (email submission)
zacoates@******.*** (email submission)
TekGek (twitter submission)
dozzer@******.*** (email submission)
djchbbrck@******.*** (email submission)
ricardosl@******.*** (email submission)