CRACKBERRY SMASH!!! Take that iPhone, G1 and Palm Pre! Storm owners have a new hero today and his name is Fabian Heuwieser. Fabian just released CrackBerry Smash for the BlackBerry Storm and it is a fun time killer of an app that lets you lay the SMASH down on the smartphone competition.

When you launch CrackBerry Smash it automatically opens where you are. iPhones will fill up the Storm's display and by tilting the device you can roll the CrackBerry logo around and eliminate all of the iPhones. Once you roll over the competition and clear the screen, the name will be pronouned and the level is reset. Just go to Menu > Options while the app is running and you can switch up devices and you can also add a CrackBerry Smash to your Storm's menu (Menu > Add to Menu...) so you can launch CrackBerry Smash from within any application. TOO Awesome. Thanks Fabian!

** Please Note - when installing, be sure to Set Your Permissions to Allow. *