Win a BlackBerry 10 Phone!

Wow, do things ever change fast. When we posted this contest just a few weeks ago on December 1st, BlackBerry 10 was still called BBX and we were expecting the first next-generation BBX phone to hit the market in "calendar Q1, 2012."

Now bee-bee-ex has become BlackBerry 10 and it's going to be "late 2012" before we see any devices. We're going to stick to our guns and keep our CrackBerry Santa contest branded the same, with the same prize, but just because we're good people and don't want to see anybody wait too long, we're going to give the winner of this contest the choice to either wait it out and keep their IOU for a BlackBerry 10 phone for later in the year or trade it in early for their choice of currently available BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and an accessories package from

The contest ends Midnight PST on New Year's Eve, but we wanted to give you a good reminder before the holidays hit. If you haven't entered, click the image above or link to below to jump over the to the official contest post and leave a comment!

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