The results are in from our Mega BlackBerry Survey, and we're combing through the data and bringing you back the results in a meaningful way. We already took a look at customer satisifaction levels for the Z10 and Q10, which overall were pretty positive.

Next up, we're looking at what your most and least favorite features of BlackBerry 10 are so far. On the survey we asked this as an open question, so the range of responses was MASSIVE and in some cases, extremely detailed. That said, we were able to go through the wide range of over 4,500 responses, weed out the outliers and distil it down to the most commonly-related answers. Doing that, a clear basic list emerged. Without further ado, here are the results!

Top Three Things You're LOVING About BlackBerry 10

  1. BlackBerry 10 Hub
  2. BlackBerry 10 Keyboard (both touchscreen and physical keyboard) 
  3. The BlackBerry Flow experience (gestures, multitasking working together with SPEED).

These three items won the clear majority of love from BlackBerry 10 users and were pretty much on par with each other, with the BlackBerry 10 web browser a close forth. 

Interesting to note is that these factors were consistent between both Z10 and Q10 owners, as well as those who came to BB10 from older BB devices or from non-BlackBerry phones. 

Top Three Things You're LIKING LEAST About BlackBerry 10

  1. Lack of Apps
  2. Battery Life (Z10 owners) / Screen Size (Q10 owners)
  3. Contacts Apps (all sorts of issues)

Apps, APPs, APPS!!!! If there's one thing BlackBerry 10 users all could be much happier with, it's apps. Missing third party apps, more quality among existing apps, better native apps (people want their podcast app, social feeds app, better weather app, native stocks app, etc.). Apps was the clear winner leader here.

Next up, Z10 owners want more battery life. Q10 owners wish the screen was even bigger.

After that, Contacts related responses emerged in a HUGE way on the survey. Users reported all sorts of frustrations here - duplicate contacts, missing contacts, contacts not syncing, issues with moving contacts from BB7 to BB10, etc. 

Following that, the responses became more specific to individual users. PlayBook owners want Bridge fixed. Power users want more notifications and all shortcuts from BB7 back, etc.

It was interesting to note that some items made both the most liked and least liked list. For example, the camera - a lot of people LOVE it. Others think it needs to be way better. 

Keep Moving!

Overall, I don't think there were any BIG SURPRISES here based on the action we've been seeing in the CrackBerry forums since BlackBerry 10 hit the market. Just goes to show there is a lot to love about BlackBerry 10, and also work to be done.