The results of CrackBerry's BlackBerry Mega Survey are in! They served us well on our trip to BlackBerry HQ to help share the sentiment of the CrackBerry community with BlackBerry, and now it's time for us to follow up with the results for our readers.

Instead of just dumping all of the results from the 41 questions we asked in one shot, we're going to bring them back to the blogs piece by piece along with some analysis. It was a BIG survey and the community put a TON of effort into it, so we're going to steadily work our way through it as the responses deserve that kind of dedicated attention.

We're starting things off with BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 owner satisfaction, as this is one of the questions I really wanted to see where CrackBerry weighed in. Rewind a few weeks to Apple's iOS 7 unveiling at WWDC, and you'll remember the slide Tim Cook displayed which showed BlackBerry in last place on the scale for "very satisfied" customers, coming in at 32% as opposed to 49% for Android, 53% for Windows Phone and 73% for iOS. With BlackBerry 10 new to market, I firmly believe (though it wasn't disclosed) that Apple was stating BlackBerry 7 satisfaction numbers here, so I was curious to see how much things have progressed for BlackBerry 10 phones.

The results are in from over 4,500 hardcore BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 owners (you know CrackBerry readers don't hold back on what they think), and you can dig through the results below. Beyond just the overall level of satisfaction, we also broke it down by a number of different categories, and have also compared the results of Z10 owners with Q10 owners.

Key takeaways from the survey:

  • The overall level of Very Satisfied customers is over 50%, with Z10 owners being slightly more satisfied than Q10 owners (that lack of trackpad is hard for some BB7 upgraders to get used to!)
  • Q10 owners are much more satisfied with battery life than Z10 owners 
  • Overall, BlackBerry 10 users are more satisfied with the selection and quality of games in BlackBerry World than the selection and quality of apps, but on the scale of satisfaction, there is plenty of room to improve both app/game selection and quality
  • Z10 owners are actually more satisfied with the Hub than Q10 owners - we're thinking less screen real estate on the Q10 makes the Hub a little less user-friendly
  • A very strong majority of users are very satisfied with the hardware design of both the Q10 and Z10
  • The category with the least satisfaction is BlackBerry's Link Desktop software - it needs to improve, in a bad way

Check out the detailed results below, and be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Overall, it's a pretty positive story, though there is clearly room to keep working and improving!

Overall BlackBerry 10 Phone Satisfaction

BlackBerry 10 Phone Satisfaction by Category

BlackBerry Z10 vs. Q10 Customer Satisfaction

BlackBerry Z10 / Q10 Satisfaction by Category