barack obama blackberry
The Associated Press today released an interesting article today on the US presidential hopefuls and it is quite amazing how many times the name BlackBerry showed up.

The article presents the personal side of both Democrat and Republic candidates asking the dozen or so contenders about their pets, what they would have wanted to do in alternate careers and their pet peeves.

While Democrats John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden said their iPods were their favorite devices, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson owned up to their BlackBerry addictions.

Obama, the Senator from Illinois and a front-runner for the Democratic nomination when asked to name his favorite device answered “It would have to be my BlackBerry.” When asked about his least favourite, Obama quipped “That would be my BlackBerry too.”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a potential dark horse in the race, actually referred to his favourite personal e-mail device as his “CrackBerry.”

The world could be in with a shout of getting its first CrackBerry addicted President. I am assuming that George W “the Internets” Bush has still to figure out just what Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are looking at when he is talking.