BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

As the Crack Team gets into review mode working on this wave of new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones hitting the market, I figured the timing made sense to get some feedback from CrackBerry Nation on where our priorities should lie. Obviously we're going to tackle every new BlackBerry with CrackBerry gusto, but we want to know - of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones announced, which one are you most interested in? 

Are you a keyboard kind of person so you're all about the new Bold? Or do you want to go full touchscreen and are most excited for the Torch 9850/9860? Or maybe you're a huge fan of the Torch 9800's sliding form factor, so are all about the 9810? Whichever one you're most interested in, cast your vote for it on the poll above and sound off in the comments with your reasoning.

NOTE: Yes, I realize I could have added other options to this poll like the upcoming Curve 9350/60/70 or an option that says I'm most interested in BlackBerry QNX Phones (I think we're all interested in that!), but I wanted to keep things limited here to the newly announced devices, as those are the phones we have/will have in our hands to play with over the days and weeks ahead.

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