Bold 9780 OR Torch 9800 ??

I received the following email from a reader and decided before responding that I wanted to check in with our greater CrackBerry audience to see where they stand...

Kevin, I have read both your reviews for the Torch and the Bold 9780. I am looking into purchasing either the Torch for 3 employees here, or the Bold. From the reviews it looks like the Bold has a better battery life. In your opinion for busy executives, what would you recommend? Presently we have the Palm Pre which does not support voice dialing, nor does it have great talk battery life. Presently they are charging their Palms in the morning to get through the day and charging again in the evening. They are heavy users. Thank you for any advice you can offer!

The question of Bold 9780 vs. Torch 9800 comes up a lot, and the answer I give is usually based on what the person does. I've gone back and forth quite a bit between the 9780 and Torch (I'm currently using the Torch), but stil find the Bold 9780 to be the work horse I prefer most as a pure communication/get stuff done tool. But in this case the users have been rocking Palm Pres, which have that sliding form factor like the Torch. The Bold 9780's battery definitely trumps the Torch, but as soon-to-be former Pre users I can't help but think the Torch would be the better fit? Plus the bigger screen on the Torch is definitely nice. So what advice would you give to this person? Bold 9780? Torch? The other option is to wait until some 2011 BlackBerry Smartphones get announced at BlackBerry World, but in this case it seems the purchase decision is happening asap. Vote on the poll above and give us your reasoning in the comments!

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