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   Apple's iPad Tablet
The Apple iPad - coming soon...

Apple's big announcement has come and gone and its wake it has left us with the Apple iPad - a mobile tablet computer ebook reader thingy that looks like an oversized iPod Touch or iPhone. It'll run all of the iPhone's apps, also run iPad-specific apps and will be available in models with or without 3G service. If you missed the live coverage, be sure to jump over to our sibling site TiPb.com who is all over it. Be sure to watch the video below too for some additional iPad enlightenment.

Once you're up to speed with Apple's latest gadget that fills in that void between smartphone and laptop, be sure to cast your vote above and let us know how you feel about it. I sort of look at it as a device that compliments the BlackBerry quite well (check out my iPhone Review for this year's Round Robin and you'll understand why I think that's the case - it's all about the Hierarchy of Needs). And be sure to ellaborate in the comments - I'm personally really curious to hear what you all think. Is it a Kindle killer? Your next must-have gadget? Is it technology for the sake of technology without their being a need for it? Sound off!!

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