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Back on January 27th, the day the Apple iPad was announced, we posted a poll here on CrackBerry.com asking readers how they felt about the iPad from the perspective of being a BlackBerry owner. The results: 12% said they loved the iPad (perfect compliment to a BB) and would buy one; 18% said it was cool but nothing life changing; 9% said their BlackBerry did everything they need already; 47% said it's just a big iPod Touch and **shrugged** while the last 13% voted that Apple sucks and the iPad is overhyped.

Fast forward a few months and the Apple iPad is officially available. Now that the reviews are pouring in and it's out there for all to use, I'm wondering if and how people's impressions of it may have changed. If you've changed your opinion of the iPad since that first poll, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you're thinking now.

Apple iPad Review: As you can imagine, our sibling site TiPb.com has been in iPad fever for the last couple of days with both Rene and Dieter working overtime to get the Apple iPad Review done. I posted Rene's mandatory unboxing video above to get you started... if you're interested in learning more then be sure to jump over and read the full Apple iPad review.

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