So we know that the BlackBerry PlayBook will lack native email, calendar, contacts, etc. at launch (read this editorial I wrote with my take on it), but we do know that the native apps are coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook and QNX platform). RIM told us this back at CES, we heard it again last week at CTIA, and we read it again yesterday in a Verizon BlackBerry PlayBook FAQ document:

In a future software update for the BlackBerry PlayBook, we will also provide native e-mail, calendar, and contact apps for those customers who prefer to have these apps directly on the tablet.  

So the question now is, how do YOU feel about this? On a tablet device like the PlayBook, is something like a native email cilent with notifications critical? Or is accessing your webmail client through the PlayBook's web browser at your leisure ok for now seeing as you likely have a mobile phone that's always on and always connected? I know there are going to be a LOT of opinions on this one, so cast your vote above and let us know where you slot into the mix, and then sound off in the comments!

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