BlackBerry Tour or Curve? That IS the Question!

The idea for this CrackBerry Poll came about when michaelwpg and me were drinking one night last week in Vegas. I honestly can't remember how the topic came up (I think maybe we were just trying to change the subject after those three err.. ladies of the night jumped all over us at the bar - nothing happened, I swear!), but we were contemplating which device we would buy if we were to live in the US and be Verizon customers. Keeping the thought of the Tour2 out of our heads, and just looking right now at what's available, both of us actually agreed we'd go for the Curve 8530 over the Tour 9630. In our case, the optical trackpad alone is reason enough to go for the Curve 8530. What we weren't sure of though is whether our Curve 8530 over Tour decision would be what the majority of people would go for, or the minority, or if this would come down to a split decision as each device is compelling in its own way. Everything else remaining equal:

  • BlackBerry Tour: 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, high res 480x360 display, world phone capabilities, trackball, no WiFi, no OpenGL support
  • BlackBerry Curve 8530: 2.0 megapixel camera with no flash, lower res 320x240 display, CDMA-only, optical trackpad, has WiFi, has OpenGL support for 3D graphics/games, dedicated media player controls

Pretty much everything else on these devices -- memory, speed, operating system -- are on par. The form factors are different but that is a matter of preference - I personally really like the look and feel of the Curve 8530 a lot. Screen pixels make a big difference for web browsing, but otherwise are not too big of a deal. The camera difference will be critical for some, not for others. Pricewise, the Curve 8530 is selling on Verizon right now for $79.99 on a 2yr contract vs. the Tour at $99.99. A $20 differential really isn't that big - so I'd argue money is not a factor in deciding which to purchase at this moment in time.

So... BlackBerry Tour 9630 or BlackBerry Curve 8530.... That IS the Question! Cast your vote above and let us know in the comments what it was about either device that would make you choose it over the other. 

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