Photo showing Backdrops wallpaper app open on KEYone

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Everyone likes to add their own customization options to their phones and one easy way to make a device yours is by changing the wallpaper. In order to do that, folks will scour the internet for cool images, use their own photos but personally, I tend to rely on Backdrops, which is available in the Google Play Store.

Backdrops offers hundreds of beautiful wallpapers, a nice UI and even has a great Wall of the day feature. It has paid features, which I bought, but you don't have to and there are hundreds of other apps to choose from. Considering I paid to have awesome wallpapers, that made me wonder how many others are out there are using or buying wallpaper apps.

Hit the poll below to let me know if you're using a wallpaper app and use the comments to let me and others know which you're using. If you don't use an app, hit no on the poll but let me know in the comments what you do for wallpapers. Maybe you use a site like Unsplash or just find them in the CrackBerry Forums, whatever it is, let me know!

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