CrackBerry Poll: Do you use the DTEK for BlackBerry app?

DTEK by BlackBerry is a core app loaded onto every Android BlackBerry device. It's an interesting app that provides you with basically a dashboard look at the security of your device. It can monitor applications, allow you to control how they interact with your device and even track apps over time to let you know what's going on behind the scenes such as alerting you of apps that access your location, microphone, camera and more.

Overall, it goes beyond the basics of what's included on Android via the permissions settings and it provides some best practice information to help keep your device secure, but do you REALLY use it? Personally, I'm confident in own app and device management so I don't feel I need to refer to DTEK and I know what the apps I download are doing but what about you? Do you leave DTEK running and let it do its thing or do you just disable it? Use the poll below to let me know or use the comments to add your thoughts on the app!