Let's Rock & Roll This!

This evening Research In Motion's CEO Thorsten Heins issued a business update statement. In the last week we've seen rumors surface of looming RIM layoffs and pending inventory write downs, so Heins took control of the message directly. And while there wasn't really any surprising news in the statement, Heins did confirm that RIM had hired J.P. Morgan and RBC Capital to help RIM with its strategic review of business operations and financial performance.

Upon that confirmation we've already seen a flood of stories pop up in the media pointing that the end of RIM as we know it is near.... RIM is going to get acquired... RIM is going to get broken down into pieces and sold...  RIM is going to run out of cash before BlackBerry 10 launches... you get the picture. Nothing has really changed between yesterday to today, but a statement like this is a catalyst for headlines to be written, most of which will take the glass half empty vs. half full tone. For a BlackBerry fan, it can be a bit depressing to read, especially considering the post-BlackBerry World excitement around BlackBerry 10.

When Heins took over the reigns at Research In Motion he made it clear on day 1 that he was put in place to run the company and execute on its strategic plans. Specifically, that meant completing RIM's technical platform transition and bringing BlackBerry 10 successfully to market.

This is what I call RIM's "Plan A." RIM wants to continue business operations per normal, start selling BlackBerry 10 phones later this year (aka. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE), and win back consumer mindshare and smartphone/tablet marketshare. And they want to do this on their own. Plan A is what myself and I think the vast majority of CrackBerry Nation want to see happen too. We know the road won't be easy. RIM has another couple of tough quarters ahead between now and the availability of BlackBerry 10 phones, but they still have money in the bank and judging from what we saw at BlackBerry World, it appears like the company is doing all the right things behind the scenes to get things done. We want to see RIM complete this mission on their own and get BlackBerry 10 phones into our hands.

At the same time, when earnings are low and the stock price is beaten up, RIM's management wouldn't be doing its job if it wasn't also contemplating Plans B, C, D, E and F. And this is what the strategic advisors are there to help RIM do - come up with the alternative plans and if necessary, execute on them. What are Plans B, C, D, E and F? We'll explore what we think those could be more in a followup editorial (think strategic partnerships, licensing, etc.), but for the sake of our poll simply think of them all as a change to RIM's regular operations. Which brings us to my...

Question of the Week: Given today's business update and the state of RIM's stock price, etc. I wanted to check in and see where the community's thoughts are at. Is your faith still strong in the RIMPIRE striking back and #TEAMBLACKBERRY pushing out BlackBerry 10 to market on their own? Or do you think the business conditions and timing for RIM are getting so tight that it's almost to the point when some sort of business operation change is going to become necessary to keep BlackBerry fighting in the game? Vote above and share your logic in the comments.