BlackBerry Outage or Outrage?

It's been a crazy few days in the BlackBerry World. For those in the EMEIA region who have been dealing with BlackBerry service issues since Monday, you're all my heroes for getting through it in one piece. Seriously, it's pretty crazy how hard it is to cope with no email / BBM / web browser etc. on your mobile device once it's part of your life - it shows just how much society has become dependent on technology. Just today has felt a bit like torture to me... at three days I'd be going CrackBerry Crazy for sure.

With the BlackBerry service interuption spreading to North America for the past twenty four hours, my day got extremely crazy as I fielded tons of questions from mainstream media. One of the big questions that came up often was how mad/not are BlackBerry users at Research In Motion over the outage? My general thought was that while nobody likes their phone/service to be at less than 100%, there's probably a pretty even split between those who are REALLY TICKED off and those who get that things can happen, and that while it sucks, life will go back to normal soon enough. In other words, outages can happen, no big deaL, still going to be using a BlackBerry tomorrow.

So that's the question here... how ticked off are you? Is an outage like this something that makes you mad enough to want to spit nickels and switch to a different platform? Or does a little separation make the heart grow fonder for BlackBerry?

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