It's been a crazy few weeks and the craziness isn't about to slow down. After two weeks on the road for our Canadian CrackBerry KEYone Meetup Tour, I've barely unpacked and I'm off again to the airport, this time for the long flight to Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex 2017. Before leaving though we just had to get a CrackBerry podcast recorded as there's been so much happening and we've been slacking.

In this episode we talk about the final countdown to May 31st when the BlackBerry KEYone will officially become available for purchase on North American soil. I also give a play-by-play of our meetup tour and even drop the cities and dates we'll be visiting next in our upcoming US tour.

Most importantly though, on this show we had MrMobile join us to confess his crush for the new KEYone. For a guy who switches phones as often as most of our change up our underwear, it's been truly awesome to see the KEYone become his daily driver. BlackBerry By Choice For Real. Hmm.. maybe it's time to do another run of those shirts?

Enjoy the show!




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