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Following up Thursday's RIM earnings call, which has resulted in a lot of BlackBerry gloom and doom talk around the interwebs, we fired things up Friday afternoon for a Live CrackBerry Podcast. In case you missed it live, here's the recording of that show for you to listen to at your leisure.

Take fair warning BlackBerry fans, this podcast is a little depressing and a bit all over the place more than usual due to the nature of recording with a live chatroom active, though it still has its moments of positivity and humor mixed in. During the show we reflect on the past few years of BlackBerry, talk about where things have been going wrong that put them in position they are now in, we talk about what's happening right now and from there we talk about what they're going to have to do to change the negative sentiment that's plaguing RIM at this moment. It's a bit of a downer, but it had to happen, we kept it honest and we're confident it's only going to get better from here. We're always rooting for BlackBerry to kick a$$, even when things are going a little less stellar than planned. Take a listen, and be sure to sound off in the comments! The next show will be uber positive once again, I promise!

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