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Capping off an emotional week as legacy BlackBerry phones went End of Life, we dusted off and fired up the CrackBerry Podcast machine on Saturday to bid farewell and mark the end of the BlackBerry Smartphone Era. Joining me are special guests Bla1ze, James Nieves and MrMobile!

In addition to a lot of heartfelt BlackBerry phone reminiscing, at the end of the show I also dive into some of the thinking around the CrackBerry 2.0 relaunch happening in 2022 that's going to take this website and community beyond BlackBerry and into a fantastic future that's going to be fun for DECADES to come.

If you're wondering about OnwardMobility, yes, we also talk about them and their recent update too. Hopefully they don't take our critisicm too harshly and instead use it as fuel to hustle and prove us wrong - we'd LOVE to see them pull off a new 5G BlackBerry Smartphone... we're just not getting our hopes up until we can hold it in our hands.

I hope you enjoy the show. It's one for the history books!





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