Traveling to Taipei last week for Computex was on my travel agenda for the better part of a year, long before I knew May 31st would be the date the BlackBerry KEYone would become "available" for purchase in Canada and the USA. What a week in turned out to be overseas and on 12 hour difference in time zone. I woke up every morning to sooo many passionate threads in the CrackBerry forums to catch up on! :)

It also turned out to be a perfect week for El Presidente Trump to an invent a new word for me to use for this podcast - as it would prove difficult otherwise to find a single word that could encapsulate all of the thoughts and emotions running among many in the CrackBerry community. The North American market launch has been a mixed bag - we've seen a LOT of excitement from consumers in North America finally getting their hands on the KEYone and absolutely loving it. We've also witnessed some frustration over limited inventory at launch, especially in the US on Amazon and Best Buy, that's made the KEYone a rather exclusive phone to get a hold of thus far (while the GSM version of the KEYone started shipping, CDMA units on Amazon never moved out of backorder status). We talk about all of that and MUCH more on this CrackBerry podcast.

The first half of the show we casually jump around many topics, and Bla1ze -- who everybody always loves -- finally gives us one reason to hate him (pictured below). The back half of the show we jump to answering reader questions, which keeps us pretty on track.

Enjoy the show!

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